Plan the Perfect Date Night in New York City

From Car Service to Restaurants: Date Night Bliss

When it’s time to treat your significant other to a romantic date night, you might be wondering where to start the planning process. Add in a city like New York, with its thousands of possibilities, and you’ve got a cocktail for indecision.

Fortunately, we’re here to shed some light on planning a great date night in the Big Apple. From car service to restaurants to gorgeous sightseeing destinations, here are some amazing date night ideas in New York City

Book a Limousine

Booking a limousine for your night out will communicate a few key things to your significant other.

Firstly, it communicates the special nature of the occasion, that you want your sweetheart to feel special and catered to. Additionally, it communicates a desire to focus on conversation and enjoying each other’s company, rather than letting the stresses of navigating and parking in the city distract you from your partner’s company.

A limousine adds an element of luxury to any date night, and the impeccable customer service of your chauffeur only makes the evening more enjoyable. With easy transportation and a great chauffeur on hand, you can move on to planning other parts of your New York City evening.

Find a Great Restaurant

There are so many restaurants in the Big Apple that one could write an entire series of blogs and still only scratch the surface. For your date night, there are few restaurants that, in our opinion, simply stand out.

Daniel, conveniently located in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, is among the city’s most romantic destinations, for both its elegant and tasteful décor, ambiance, and impeccable service. The menu is a veritable array of contemporary French cuisine, so both you and your sweetheart have plenty of options for starters, entrees, desserts, and wine.

Zenkichi in Brooklyn, meanwhile, is among the most romantic destinations in the boroughs for traditional Japanese cuisine. The décor is decidedly Japanese, and tremendously romantic, with its shadowed, intimate color schemes, soothing music and private seating. The service, as well as the food, has earned Zenkichi its spot as one of the premier stops for romantic evenings in the city.

The House in Gramercy Park sits inside a restored mid-19th-century carriage house. With windows galore and romantic tables by the fire, the atmosphere is built for romantic evenings and intimate conversations over specialty dishes and delicious wine. Their wine bar is one of the most well-known in the area, so no matter which meal you choose, you’ll have the perfect wine to accommodate its flavors.

Find a Romantic Spot

New York City is a gold mine for romance. All you have to do is look. One of our favorite spots for romance is the Metropolitan Opera, a place for breathtaking shows, gorgeous sets, and one of the most romantic date night outings New York City has to offer.

If you’re looking for a more low-key theme to your night out, why not take a visit to one of New York City’s many public parks? It doesn’t have to be Central Park. We would suggest having your chauffeur drive you to the High Line, a public park built on top of a historic freight rail on Manhattan’s West Side.

Not only is the Park aesthetically interesting, but it’s also a great place to take a picnic or enjoy some local food produced by the park’s frequent vendors. You can even enjoy an alcoholic beverage in designated areas of the park if you so choose.

If you’re feeling truly adventurous, ask your chauffeur to drive you out to Orchard Beach in the Bronx, so you can walk the promenade relax under the pavilion, enjoy food from the snack bar or food carts, or simply gaze out at the waves while enjoying the company of your sweetheart.

Planning a romantic evening with your significant other is easy in a city as cultured and vibrant as New York City. From a spectacular New York limousine to intimate settings in restaurants and the Big Apple’s many public parks, you have tons of options for creating magic on your next date night in NYC.

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