Minimize Your Corporate Travel Stress in NYC

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Minimize Your Corporate Travel Stress in NYC

Whether you’re a longtime corporate traveler or just started a regular business travel schedule, you’re probably familiar with the many frustrations corporate travel involves. From getting through the airport to procuring transportation once you’ve reached your destination city, the stresses are many and the schedules are tight. It’s enough to make corporate travel a miserable experience that executives dread.

We’re happy to report, however, that it certainly doesn’t have to be this way. We think it’s important for corporate travelers to enjoy streamlined, punctual trips that involve as few stressors as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of tips for making corporate travel easier in New York City, one of the most common destinations for business travelers.


Streamline Your Airport Experience

The first step to streamlining the airport experience at LaGuardia, JFK or Islip is to pack lighter. Packing fewer things will ensure that you don’t have to make a stop at the checked baggage counter or pay those pesky checked bag fees.

Buy a durable carry-on, has wheels, and offers separate compartments for toiletries (airplane sized, of course) and other sundry items. Invest in a wardrobe of neutrals and blacks that are easily mixed and matched with one another, eliminating the need for multiple separate outfits.

If you’re a frequent business traveler, you might consider looking into PreCheck, a program that offers American citizens who frequently fly the opportunity to by-pass parts of the standard security screening process. PreCheck is currently available at these airports, under these airlines, in the state of New York. It’s worthwhile process to undergo when trying to save time and headaches during your business travel experience.

Streamline Your Transportation Experience

Many business travelers opt to rely on taxis, public transit or rental cars during their business trips to the Big Apple. Unfortunately, all three of these transportation options can add frustrations to your plate each and every time you travel.

Cabs are an unreliable option for business travelers who are on a strict schedule (and really, which of you aren’t?). Similarly, public transit can’t be trusted for punctuality, which is a huge deal when much of the success of your business trip hinges on your being in certain places at certain times. Rental cars put the onus for driving on your shoulders during a time when answering emails and getting extra work done could be far more beneficial to the goal of your trip.

That leaves New York car service as the most effective and reliable transportation option for your business trips to the Big Apple. Not only will you have a professional chauffeur to help you with your bags, navigate, park and offer advice on restaurants, you’ll get your commutes to yourself each and every time you go somewhere. That extra few minutes on the drive, to take a cat nap, answer an important email or prep for your presentation, could be the difference between confident success and nervous failure during your next business trip. When you’ve already got enough on your mind, adding the responsibility of procuring transportation is simply overkill.

So there you have it: tips for improving your corporate travel experience in New York City. Don’t get us wrong: we know business trips will also have their fair share of inevitable stress. But we avidly believe that will the right preparation, the right carry-on and the right car service, your trip can be shades more enjoyable and productive.


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